Summer love in London


So how did this love affair with the holidays start?
1.Being brave.
Brave enough to admit I needed the rest and that it was ok to do so.
2. Turning off the alarm clock
3. Not having a to do list
And probably the best bit- falling in love with my little lady all over again.
She’s just finished her first year at primary and what a beautiful experience she has had! I was aware of coming in from work, doing the chat, making dinner, doing homework, bath, stories and bed. Now don’t get me wrong, this little lady dances, sings and cracks me up no end as we do all this but I still couldn’t help but feel she wasn’t getting 100% of me.
So we’ve had weeks of lazy mornings, being in the park, cafes and general pretending we are Beyoncé and Tina turner.
But the best thing of all was 5 crazy days in London.
A holiday through her eyes and a reminder of why being a mammy is the best thing for me!
We held hands, hugged and kissed and laughed till I thought I would need Tena ladies. We took photos, spotted shoes( and laughed how our shoe loving Auntie cc would love these sparkly heels)slept late in outrageously posh hotels and sang proud mary at every opportunity.
We spent a day on Brighton beach with uncle r ( who always has a magic bag…..) and we talked about teaching, the need for cpd and differences between the English and Scottish System.
We went to see Charlie and the Chocolate factory in drury Lane as the wee lady had been doing it as a topic at school. We went with uncle r and auntie l who is now teaching a theatre school. We talked about the different styles of teaching she uses to bring really shy children out their shells, how she maps progress but ultimately it was about making these children aware of what they had accomplished over a period of time rather than an end event.
Days spent in markets, trying on hats and taking selfies, eating ice cream and talking about if people were nice in shops or not.

I couldn’t help thinking that despite being switched off ( even a wee break from twitter) it was still another learning experience for us both and we came back with lots of stories.
Manolos not so much but sandals and pink converse.

There were other elements about the summer that made me fall in love with it again, namely a dog called Bonnie, singing round the piano and a new love for 4″ pink heels. . . . .
So mammy and manolos doing well, but methodology? Well I think I like it from the 5 year old perspective.


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