Summer love? Bring back the literature….


Another part of the summer love was the chance to finally read all the books and articles I had been bookmarking.
Very often the mammies will discuss what we would do if we had a day off from the world (cleaning the loo or ironing is not allowed) and very often we concur that we would like to curl up with a good book! When did reading become such a guilty pleasure?
I’ve always loved reading (maybe not so much the tonne of prescribed texts at Uni) but given the amount of documentation
I read for work, a good book is the equivalent of a night playing the piano with Hugh Laurie drinking malt whiskey. (Partly attainable-the malt – and indeed a guilty pleasure)you know you want to, but it’s just out of reach……

Twitter has revolutionised my professional reading: being able to keep up with pedagogical changes, reading blogs (Kenny Pieper, hey miss smith, Jose Picardo etc) have allowed me to engage in professional reflection and bring change to my classroom. Keeping up to date with the foreign media instantly has allowed me to keep the lingo at the fingertips and also feeds my news junkie alter ego( I must tell you about the 12 hour bbc world service marathon in Hong Kong) but that novel always seems like a guilty pleasure I can’t indulge in properly…..

You see I don’t want 15 mins a day, I want at least 45 mins of uninterrupted time to read. Preferably with a big cup of tea and green and blacks chocolate. So that’s what I’ve done!
I have read more books this summer than I have in a long time and none at all about pedagogy. From Quentin Jardine,Joanne Harris, Roger Stelljes to my favourite historical books on St.Kilda to one of my very favourite ladies, Caitlin Moran. I actually text a pal of mine to say I am in bed with another woman and killing myself laughing……..

And let’s be honest, there is no greater pleasure on a Sunday morning than the smell of coffee and the papers all over the floor…..or maybe a an afternoon spent in the company of your pals reading the papers with a small apero…..

Summer loving? Bring back the literature. Yes, for all you Scottish Educationalists, READING FOR PLEASURE. I am most definitely secure. ( p- this one is for you!) oh aye, and pass the Hello magazine as well, or RED, or…..

Mammy points – many as the wee lady loves reading
Methodology – some points as there has been a wee bit of professional reading
Manolos – none. Not even socks on when reading……but maybe some nice red Dorothy shoes to click my heels with…….


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