In these shoes? I doubt you’d survive…….


Oh the power of shoes. My daughter has developed the love of shoes. She has aunties who are serious shoe girls (both share the same name…..) and my wee lady never tires of trying them in: heels, boots, sandals, sparkly ones,….
We recently went to the Disney store to get a bow and arrow ( like Merida from Brave) and on finding out they were sold out she announced she would just get shoes. What’s a girl to do?
We both now have a real thing for shoes…..I blame her.
My “I have to get those ones” moment happened with a pair of pink carvela heels with big pink satin bows on them. Most definitely car to bar shoes, but that was me hooked!
Over the summer, I have had a wee walk down memory lane with shoes.
The gold old Birkenstocks have been out and that always reminds me of holidays, travelling and Marrakech and more importantly of being at home in the west coast on the beach.
My trusty pink converse are my staples, starry or spotty but they do need to be pink, they keep it grounded and take me back to my Brit pop days of Adidas track suit tops and denims, oasis and blur fighting it out, T in the park, gig on the green ( cosmic rough riders anyone?) and Thursday night at the dirty Metro. I do not appear to have grown out of the Thursday night out habit.

Then there are the brave shoes. Well, we’ve all got them! I remember being at a conference and my former boss and mentor announced that she was lucky as she had a development officer who made bold decisions and did brave things as she wore her red shoes everyday, and maybe if we all had red shoes we could be brave like her. Then she looked at me, looked at my red shoes and smiled. They are like the LBD, a pair if red shoes are a must. The current ones are in the last post… three times……

But nothing makes you feel like you can conquer the world more than your favourite heels ( even if they are car to bar and may get you arrested for indecently exposing your toes) I may have made reference to a certain pair…..

And the biggest compliment? The wee lady wants to wear every pair.

Mammy points 10/10
Methodology – nada. Back at work on Monday so that will change!
Manolos- well a girl can dream….


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