No, I’m not doing it, cannae make me…..

Another lovely part of the summer was learning to say No.
I am hoping this will carry on to work when I go back on Monday!image
I remember reading a brilliant article about how to live your life like two year old – if you have something to say, say it, if you are unhappy have the tantrum and move on and when you don’t want to do something just say No.
I love the way my wee lady can say no. Just like that.
I tried it over the holidays and found I was quite good at it. A lovely friend of mine says that she often starts out thinking she’ll say no when I ask her to get involved in something and before she knows it she has said yes.
It’s a bit like when we used to go out for a “few beers” and we’d ordered a G&T and a voddy without even blinking. I mean we meant a few beers as code for not out for long…..
On my return to teach in the big city I went for some training on assertiveness and one of the things we learned was how to say no. Somewhere along the line I forgot how to do it, especially at work.
So here are some of the no challenges this summer:

1.Who is your internet provider? Have you considered that you could get a better deal? No. Thanks for asking

2. Have you ever considered being an Avon rep? It’s a nice way to earn money. No, but thanks for stopping.

3.mum, can we get a cat? No.

4.can you call ASAP re meeting for work? NO.

5.A wee dram for the road?, still working on that one…..

Mammy points 10/10 ( nae cat)
Methodology points none.
Manolo points 10/10 well you would not say no to shoes?


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