Fantastic Expectations, amazing revelations

So it’s official, I have the fear about going back to work. I am determined to have another year of FEAR.
Not the FEAR you get after a night out with my favourite Gaelic speaking tumbler or the ladies in the towering shoes, or a night with the cousins making loom bands with the fairy lights on.
As a bit of an Indy chick/ Brit popper from the 90s, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Ian Brown. This song sums it up beautifully, fantastic expectations, amazing revelations.
I’m not expecting any amazing revelations ( ok, so I am secretly hoping I am actually the little mermaid) but I do have fantastic expectations after such a lovely summer.
Spending some serious time with the wee lady indulging in our favourite things, spending time with family and friends and general time out has left me feeling rested and raring to go.

So what do I expect?

For each a road – for everyone of my wonderful learners but also for my amazing team. The reason I am shattered at the end of term is because I have the most amazing team of ladies who invest so much in the weans, that we all fell like we have been hit by a bus at the end of the day!
But maybe another road for me?

Face everybody and rule – well as we say to the weans #youtoocanbethisfabulous
It is the year of professional update and the I am going to face the fear and do the paperwork!

Forgive everybody and remember – this year I WILL not ( well am going to try not to) sweat the small stuff and if in doubt, I’ll pop on my heels and walk down Argyle Street like it’s 5th Avenue

For everything a reason – hmmmmm.

Fantastic expectations, Amazing revelationsimage

Mammy points – some…..
Manolos 10/10 ( of course – nothing a good pair of shoes can’t fix)
Methodology points – high expectations…..10/10


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