This is a call…..

Right, turn this one up loud. First day back and I don’t want or need to do a murder……..
So the phone……I actually hate talking on the phone and would far rather text or whatsapp. Sure it would actually be quicker to pick up the phone but that’s like reading……you do so much of it at work that a right good book or in this case phone call is a guilty pleasure. I remember the days of long distance phone calls that were planned ( pas de Skype in those days), I loved my Saturday morning check in from Big S who called me as I sat in the bay window of a third floor tenement flat recounting the night before and how many of the mad squad were still sleeping in the living room. I loved the phone calls on my year abroad home with my BT Chargecard to the folks…..thanks mammy!
The surprise calls from the girls when I lived in China as they were in a taxi queue going home and I was getting ready to go to classes. Or when of the shire 4 called me to say she had news- I immediately assumed the worse that her Granny died but it was to tell me she and her man had split up. A chorus of oh happy day was sung ( yes, one gave it laldy)
Today, the only person I phone everyday is mammy. Quick word with Big D ( Daddy) then straight on to mammy and I always tell here I love her.
I do confess to having a very long conversation with a very dear friend that I spent my year in China with recently. Now both as working mammies, it’s hard to synchronise wee people being asleep. I really enjoyed hearing her voice and wicked laugh. You miss that in a text.
The phone at work is a different thing. Sure I use it to phone other members of staff and put the weans in loudspeaker and sing, but dealing with so many phone calls is a pure hoot.
My favourite is “tell them I have a class” (I’m usually supercharged on caffeine and can’t speak anyway) however, when I phone, I often make up a title to get out through quicker. You know who you are.
Today the phone calls started at 8am!! Yes, 8am. “Can you help? ” or ” I was told you could help” “Can you authorise?”
Here is my wee box of jots that I give…..oh look it’s empty.

And how about the fact that we text to say ” can you talk” always strikes terror into my heart, like I’ve been walking about with my knickers on show when it’s actually more code for is the wean in her bed or can you swear?
I love it when Uncle R calls, he announces himself as ” London calling…..”
And despite a call from Brad or BIG being lovely, my favourite call is, ” I’ll be there soon- you having your usual?” What’s a girl to do?
Mammy points -10/10 call her everyday
Manolos – well I did paint my nails
Methodology – maximum phone use for CPD so 10/10.


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