Bring it on…….


Another belter of a tune….BRING IT ON indeed.
So the weans come back to school tomorrow and I have to say I am quite excited. There is nothing like a bit of first day nerves as a teacher to keep you on your toes. We had a good day of in-service and I laughed my socks off with my department. I have to say I am the luckiest lady in the land as my ladies are seriously the best team out. They say the sign of a good manager is someone who surrounds themselves with people who are better than they are………must make me Obama.
As we were reminded about PRD, CPD, PU, DIP ya dad yadda, we were all of the thinking, just let us get tore in about the work for the weans…..
But it’s also another bring it on. OH (other half) handed back his laptop, blackberry and key fob after too many years in THE LAW. (Granted it was handy when you needed that one phone call…..) He starts his teacher training in two weeks and talk about excited – long may it continue!
The wee lady goes back to school and she’s not long informed me that people outside are making too much noise and she has a big day tomorrow! I bet you she’s secretly thinking bring it on…

So tonight I’ll attempt an early night but will probably be too excited. Well that’s because I have lovely new shoes to wear, I mean us big girls need our new school uniform too.
To all you weans thinking “bring it on” I hope you are lucky enough to meet your best pal and that 33 years later your mantra ( well apart from eating is cheating, just a few beers, just come along for a cuppa ) will always be “bring it on” for the adventures life throws at you. For the student teachers, bring it on indeed. For the teachers going back, make it marvellous!
And for my ladies? Well the photo says it all….

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