How do you mend a broken heart?


So first day done and I knew friends who have the remaining teaching days left until Christmas counted out! This morning started off really well and it was definitely a case of here come the girls, only then to realise that so many of my pupils were fighting their own wee battles just to get through the day. Even the first day.
The first years who were a bit overwhelmed by the whole transition to secondary. The pupils who were struggling with wearing a uniform after a summer of jeans and trainers. The pupils who were new enrolments and just looked like they wanted to be invisible as well as the learners who still need support with language to access the curriculum.
Then there are the learners who didn’t do just as well as they had hoped, or you had hoped in the exam. How do you tell them it is actually ok and that it’s not the end of the world. When you know yourself it feels like that. How to encourage them to be their best selves when they are so cut up about about letting YOU (the teacher) down?
And then the staff….staff who have broken hearts but come to work every day. Those hearts might not be broken in the dynasty style love affair but more with sadness, loneliness or the general OMG what I am doing?
And then I think of one of one of my most dearest and beautiful friends who has as my wee lady would say “a sore heart” a broken heart indeed. She gets up every day, gets through every day and carries that with her. Yet, it’s the wee joys that get her through this. The wee tiny blue chirpy joys and it made me realise that if I can help my weans and my ladies with the wee joys to get through their day then my day has been a good one.
That may involve putting the kettle on ( or as one pal suggested at 330pm- getting the wine out he had stashed away for such an occasion!) taking a class, telling a story or maybe just keeping the door open.
# weethingsmatter
Mammy points 10/10 ( they are all my weans)
Methodology points none
Manolos points 10/10 I had heels on ALL DAY. take that posh spice!


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