No place I’d rather be……


Nearly there. I mean you could get used to a 3 day teaching week. It’s always a bit fraught on the return to work as you settle timetables, help weans to sort options, chat to staff and then you realise that something that as a teacher might seem trivial, really is a big thing for learners. I still believe in the power of a cup of tea and a blether to sort everything and again a reminder that taking the time to chat properly is far more important than the emails and paperwork.
I tried frantically to have a meeting with two members of staff about Italian today and took phone calls, spoke to management , dealt with weans and I could see them laughing at this great plate spinning act which ended with me saying ” aye, I’ll email you”

Today also saw the deployment of the tactical hissy fit. Sometimes you just have to make enough noise ( like a 2 year old) jump up and down then be on your way. Today was good. I just decided I would go with it and really, if I didn’t make the noise for the weans, then who would?
I’m lucky not only to have a brilliant team round me but also some brilliant colleagues and friends in middle management,
We caught up today over lunch and laughed about how our favourite thing is just being in front of the weans working the magic. We get drawn into daft things and wound up by people who don’t share our passion or love of teaching.
And despite today being a day of fire fighting, it was still a brilliant day, still wouldn’t change it.
Caught up with a good pal after work and we talked about our day, we both teach in different sectors and it’s always interesting to hear how the wee ones are in school when they first arrive. Still the same when they come to first year.
Home for dinner, chatting and general nonsense with the wee lady before having my very guilty pleasure of playing the piano for a few hours with friends.
Playing the piano in a group is always a gamble as what if they don’t get you, your style of playing or just generally think you are an eejit….
I’m most definitely playing the best piano I have ever done but this is because I am enjoying it and get on really well with the other musicians. It was also really nice to do something that was just for me. That’s often then most difficult thing to do when you are trying to get the balance.

When I first started on my current school one of the senior management told me that he had never been professionally happier,after 2 years, I would say there is no place I’d rather be.
Well perhaps like the photos, sitting on the step with the fairy lights……

Mammy points 8/10
Methodology 10/10 multi- level classes et al
Manolos points- well they were purple and sparkly and on all day


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