A wee bit of U2…..Larry Mullen , quite frankly ladies, get in the queue.
Anyhoos, indulge me for once only for this post. I have been a volunteer on the soup kitchen for about 14 years and over that time I have realised the difference that human contact and the tiniest of gestures can make.
I’ve realised that most of the people using our soup kitchen are right on the bread line but what they most value is the chat, the hugs and the fact that someone cares. Being a constant on the Sunday shift has allowed me to get to know the men and women who use the soup kitchen, find out about their lives and be able to be a part of theirs.
Isn’t that really what we all want?
Isn’t that what the weans that we teach want?

Despite being brought up as Miss Independent ( feel a wee destinys child song coming on) I know fine well that I can’t make it on my own. Aye, even me.

Back in the day when I first qualified as a teacher, it was the time when you had a two year probation, next to hee haw input for cpd and an observation when you stuck in a referral for someone who had launched an over head projector at you ( I kid you not) I was fairly isolated and did not have anything in the way of a PLN to turn to.
On the return to civilisation, that changed, however, there was one constant, my professional friend. JGJ and I were friends from teacher training. We don’t teach the same subject but meet up and talk mainly about weans and where we are professionally and how we are coping. Everyone needs a JGJ.

Personally, I have the best set of friends in the land who remind me that I DONT need to make it on my own. I tell them that they don’t need to make it on their own either. We all haw friends for different reasons and quite frankly mine come with a health warning. Your life may be shortened by spend ing time with these superstars as you will laugh so much you may cry. And possibly pee yourself and end up in a dodgy disco.

I look at my friends in all sorts of situations and they get up every day, put the smile on and pretend they are taking on the world when actually they want to stay in bed, shut out the light and sleep away their hurt and sadness. Here’s a reminder to you( my special N and my special A) you are not on your own.
It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok not to talk but just to be with people who love you and who get the fact that you are not ready to chat.

Tea, sleep and a pair of killer heels will sort you out.


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