Put the kettle on…….



My day at home starts with a cup of “life giving” tea from OH. I loved how he remarked on his first day of freedom after handing back his work laptop, he announced that freedom tasted like tea ( milk, no sugar)and I had to laugh. The first time in years he wasn’t having his morning cuppa whilst dreading the wee red light to go berky on his blackberry.

Teachers can be funny about cups. My inspiration to teach, let’s call her Mrs.F as that was her name, was always accompanied by her mug of coffee. I am now the same. When I first taught on the East Coast, I used to drink a tonne of herbal tea and the weans bought me my own yellow mug and I have it to this day but it takes pride of place in my bedroom with pens and wee trinkets. Then my lovely friend KM got me my twitter mug and it is the sacred work mug. Here’s the thing, I love tea in a mug but coffee in a cup. A china cup at that ( yes, you know I am fond of a “cheenie” cup when doing yon podcasts and ripping into my very learned pals, and it’s not always coffee in it let me tell you!) however, the mug above, well, only a good pal who drinks as much coffee as I do can understand the sheer fabulousness of a mug that size. When it comes to cups SIZE MATTERS.
Getting to the point, the power of a tea or coffee….
Having been told I had a bit of money to spend I the dept in a very short time ( wish it was the same in my personal life- only happens when you hear last orders……..)I asked the girls what would they really like……coffee maker, feather boas, face paints and some stationary. Our coffee maker has now become legendary with the weans coming in at 7.4o to pop the coffee pot on and come for a blether. #drinkthatcoffeespeakthatfrench
Our Higher classes fair enjoy a wee cup of tea or a coffee during the double periods and it is indeed a life saver for teaching literature.
Mrs.F always reminded us that when we read, we are usually somewhere comfy, with a cuppa, chocolate etc so why do we then expect children to relax into a book in a foreign language round a desk?
So we make them tea and coffee and it works a treat.
Someone having relationship problems . Pop the kettle on.
Feeling a bit out of sorts? Pop the kettle on.
Hiding so you don’t need to do PE? Pop the kettle on.

New friends to our house always had to do the cup of tea test round the table with the mammy ( this is how we vet people In the shire)If it’s good enough for Wee B then it’s good enough for me.

Oh aye, Christmas, mulled wine in a mug rocks, but when the mulled wine runs out and you replace it with bubbles it makes for pretty fizzy cups. From there we found the phrase ” I think I was over served”
From my mugs? Really? #whatcanwandae?

Mammy points – 8/10 wee lady loves tea with a sneaky sugar tho
Manolos points – 0
Methodology 10/10 it’s a mammy thing to the weans


1 thought on “Put the kettle on…….

  1. You can’t beat a good cup of tea to blether with friends, to cheer you up when you’re feeling yuk & to put the world to right & to solve life’s problems. Of course it has to be in the best china cup with a packet of choc digestives! First thing I do with my kids at work, kettle on biscuit tin out & let’s chat! It’s amazing what you can find out over ‘2 & a coo’! (Milk & 2 sugars!)

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