You should be dancing…..


Right, stop pretending you are a minion!! A wee bit of the Bee Gees always has wan shaking wan’s shammy. I love this quote about embracing change and dancing with it.
It is a time of major change from the massive things that are happening in society, the changes in education that impact on our day-to-day ability to deliver and family change.

Making a change requires the time to think about it, to mull it over and maybe even have a wee dance about it. I’ll leave aside the big question that most of us in ALBA are talking about the noo and take two big changes going on. Change in school- there’s a quote saying one of the worst things we can ever say is ” we’ve always done it like that” Change is good when it is thought out, when there is a tangible impact and when we can dance with it. Change works when you can scaffold it and support it. The biggest test of all is when a learner gets it and can explain it to you.
Family change can be a challenge: adjusting to new routines, sorting out the logistics of the wee people, not worrying too much about it and still finding time to dance. OH starts his teacher training next week after a lengthy stretch in the Law. ( no, not on holiday with her majesty!) that type of change takes time and a big pair of brave pants!
To have the courage to really change is about believing in it, in yourself and taking that first step. Oh aye and having a wee boogie.

Mammy points – 10/10 there is a lot of dancing goes on chez nous
Methodology points – 9/10 there were indeed some changes today
Manolo points – fat frock and sandals on today nil points


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