Don’t panic, but we are en route to hospital….


Well today was another 715am arrival in work after my 15 mins of professional dialogue! Had a wee giggle with our cleaners about how we just go home for a wash of the face and a sleep and then go back to it!
It was a bonkers day with emails coming in as quick as I could empty my inbox. Don’t panic??
The ladies were on great form and it was brilliant to see the weans so enthused. Lots of music being played and wee smiling faces. Few moments of panic as I remembered things I said I would or emails to return. But we got there.
I had a brilliant class with my seniors, talking about existentialism and Simone de Beauvoir. Talking about how in school we are the mammys and one of my superstars said that she spends more time in school and with our department than she does with her folks.
If anything confirmed the need to nurture, look after and inspire my weans then that was it.#weethingsmatter

OH NEVER calls the mob, (text/whatsapp of course) so a missed call at 340 struck terror into my heart.
“Don’t panic but we are en route to the hospital”
That sinking feeling of being at work when something has happened.
Now I know that I could not have prevented the wee lady falling off the swing, however, I am in the other side of the city while she is on a hospital bed.
My lovely DHT gave me a lift as I did the whole Dory thing of ” just keep swimming” traffic was mental……
I arrived to her lying getting wee stitches and a very pale OH.

Pizza, coca cola and haribo and anything else she wanted were the order of the night! And yes, you can sleep in mums bed.
The guilt tonight was incredible even though there was nothing anyone could have done. No one said it would be easy

Mammy points – not many
Manolo points – Dorothy shoes so at least an 8
Methodology -10/10 a brilliant day teaching.


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