Feeling much better today. Wee lady on good form and slept well and I don’t feel just as bad. Ahem……
A good day with lots of wee joys and lightbulb moments. This time of year drives me mental with the wee things that need chased: rooms, timetables, admin forms et al.all that stuff that I love doing. NOT. It makes me laugh to listen to how other departments are settling back into the new term with folk queuing up for pencils, secret stashes of jotters and negotiating for pens.
No, not in my department. Maybe I should do that, and watch my ladies lamp me over the head with a stiletto.
I’m most definitely all about the wee things to be honest. I actually sat down with the girls for 15 mins and we just had a gibber about hair extensions, potatoes and making it to pay-day!
Lots of wee joys during the day, with learners engaging with lessons, speaking out in class in French, getting 10 mins to chat to the dinner ladies and helping wee first years to get where they had to be – lost again! The wee smiles when we did verb recipes and we could use language like pro-nouns, infinitive and conjugation without freaking out.

I have a new member of staff who was made surplus after many years in another school and of course joining the madness that is my wonderful department must seem like moving to a different planet. She told me she was concerned I didn’t take my breaks and that she needed time with me, I was always too busy.
I hadn’t realised this, so made a point of sitting down and having that chat. It was followed up with a wee email of thanks. It wasn’t a lot. Yet again #weethingsmatter

It’s lovely to hear my friends who are teachers sharing their day too. We talk of the wee joys and one of my friends who is a primary teacher was saying” some great wee stories from the bairns” another telling me that she had seen her big boys now starting high school at the bus stop. You can see just how proud they are, it’s that positive relationship you build with every one of the wee people you are lucky enough to work with, and that sense of achievement. We don’t tell each other often enough just what a good job we do.

I was also chatting with a friend about how we deal with parents and the different strategies we use to diffuse situations. I remarked on how I had a parent in day 1 last week who just wanted to know that her daughter was making the right choices and had pathways. She needed to be heard and assured that her daughter was in good hands.

And then the best bit of my day, wee lady time! Did her homework with her, maths and sounds and of course when she stood up on her chair shaking her shammy to the clip posted above, I knew she was fine! Weans are resilient wee things aren’t they? And if in doubt, have a dance. Seems to work for my 5-year-old, and you may have noticed, me too. You know who you are people!

Mammy points – 10/10
Methodology points – a good day, I’ll go for an 8 1/2
Manolos…well I had the red click your heels 3 times shoes on with the heels in the bag. They didn’t make it out the bag. Nil points.


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