Well, I started this post on Thursday night and promptly fell asleep! That will teach me to chew the fat late on a school night!
A most interesting day where the in box pinged till I put the outbox office on. I remember in a previous life getting to point when I had a work blackberry that I put on divert as I didn’t want to take the calls or live by the constant red flashing at me. The technological battlefield indeed.
I had a good morning in school with the weans as always and I often thing just how blessed I am to be working with such gifted young people who care so much not only about what they are doing but about each other.
A quick taxi journey to HQ took me to a meeting with our English language advisor and he never fails to make me laugh, a more genuine and down to earth man you could not meet. We caught up on the gossip and chatted over a few initiatives, sitting I the canteen in HQ is a fairly interesting experience, councillors, service directors and then the bottomed the food chain- ME.
I managed a sneaky hello to some pals and one of them text me later to say that the colleague he was with had asked if all his meetings consisted of women kissing him goodbye, she may have felt under pressure…..
I went out to visit a primary school to talk to some of the staff on how best to move forward with language learning and the implementation of the Scottish Government flagship policy of 1+2.
I was asked if the next time I made up the graphics and interactive materials, could I please not use pale blue and hello. Terrible on the smart board apparently. Aye hen, I’ll make sure when I am next colouring in……
It was refreshing to have an HT who wasn’t trying to spin a yarn, but just told it how it was but really got just how important languages were and how they went hand in hand with enhancing mother tongue literacy.
There was a bit of debate about coverage and death by worksheet.Oh yes, and how technology was not your friend…..right you are then ted.

The heavens opened and my thought of a wee wander home with the tunes blasting was thwarted so got on the corpy bus. Nearly fell off my seat as I listened to a woman recounting her story of when she was in prison the first time…..

Music rehearsal went well and as most of us are teachers we were full of the news about our weans and how they had settled in….but I couldn’t possibly tell you half of those stories.

Mammy points 9/10 soaked off some of the butterfly stitches
Manolo points little red shoes on all day, no heels but click 3 times clickabiilty
Methodology points 10/10 I went my dinger about literacy and language learning. I am often amazed at the stuff I have stored away in this big napper of mine.


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