How others see us……

Well, yesterday while I was out and about, I was asked by a teacher ” are you the languages woman?” Although I was tempted to say I was the Baroness, I introduced myself and got the horrible drippy handshake but no name. Bleeeuch. I don’t want the VIP treatment but let’s be nice eh?

We had a good departmental meeting this week and I was talking about our use of restorative practice and how we quite like a bit of the drama with the new weans when they act up ” do you think that is any way to speak in class to your teacher or classmates? Do you know who I am?”

I remember a long time ago teaching RE and doing an exercise where we had to get the kids to write down one lovely thing about each other and fold the paper and pass it on. Well, what an exercise in professional development and examination that would be. It takes a brave teacher to ask for feedback from pupils but it would be a baring of the soul for staff if we did. Which begs the question just how do others see us as a profession but as individuals as well? The weans have described me as many things,my favourite being “smiley” and “mammy”
Staff may have a few choice words about me I am sure, I’ll settle for the respect from my ladies on the first floor.

I was looking at the different twitter bios that people have and it’s quite hard to try to make yourself sound like someone with half a brain in a few characters. A pal of mine wrote my alternative bio ……I think I like it!

“Unintentional comedy genius. Wearer of flowers. Courageous bint. Wields a machete through bull#*¥t”

Mammy points 10/10 little lady knows who I am!
Manolo points 0 for me but I am giving them to KMcL
Methodology points cpd and teaching? Got to be a 10/10.


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