Burst ba’



Cannae beat your brains buzzing with nonsense as you go to bed. That and a wee lady loaded with the cold and getting to grips with her skin as her wee stitches knit together. A particularly rough night for sleep but plenty of time to read and have a think.
I can usually get by on about 5 hours sleep but even I’m struggling on 4.
First full week in and I’m noticing the change of the rhythm and patterns of work and family life, only for it all to be turned on its head as OH starts Uni. The key thing is balancing what everyone needs and making it all flow along. That’s where weekends and after school time really is precious. In the summer it was great to be a bit indulgent and having the time to properly catch up with friends of a late morning or wee coffee here or there is a distant memory. The weekends and evening are indeed precious and to be spent with the wee lady. In the PJs, under the duvet watching some nonsense for wee people, reading papers, drinking tea.
It’s always nice to remind ourselves about the people who really matter, and how they make us the people we are. And for those who like to think they know what us teachers do at the weekend, don’t believe the hype.
Burst ba’ doesn’t even cover it. But then I look at my longed for child and jumping out of bed after 4ish hours of sleep to go roller skating seems like the best idea ever.


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