A veces es mejor no pensar en nada y dejar que las cosas pasen como deben de ser.


(Turn up this tune – an absolute belter)

Well a wee early morning post today as we get ourselves into the day. Yesterday was a very surreal day, a wee bit like an out-of-body experience except not due to the body snatchers. The little lady and I had a great day of some cinema action (sweeties and slush as mandatory for her and coffee and Brazil nuts for me- what is happening to me??) we the had a wander through the city soaking up the music, atmosphere and sun beams. We love the “hairy pipers” as she calls them- Clanedonia and always likes to stop for a wee listen. There was a girl singing opera for cancer research and another chap with a grand piano in the middle of the shopping precinct. The eclectic mix of music and people really added to the sunny atmosphere on the city.
We came home via the art store for new paints and a wee crafty afternoon with pottering and early beds for OH and the wee lady and I enjoyed the new Dr.Who. Peter Capaldi was a legend and although I found the plot a bit mental he was great.
It was nice not to be thinking about work but the Sunday catch phrase of ” I just need an hour to do admin” has already been quoted and it’s not even 8 am. We have put away the clothes, tidied out the shoes( little lady is something of an Imelda Marcos)and now having ten mins before we start a bit of baking…
It’s a tiny bit exciting, OH starts his teaching journey tomorrow with his first day on the PGDE for primary tomorrow.
Oh aye, and I’ll get an hour for admin…….

Mammy points 10/10 ( nae sleep due to a wee lady being wrapped round me)
Manolo points 0/10 weekends are mostly spent in my pink converse
Methodology points to be confirmed after my hour of admin….


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