Everything in its right place…….



Well today mostly felt like everything was in the right place. A strange, maybe even unsettled feeling going on for various reasons but perhaps feeling nervous for OH h
As he goes back to uni tomorrow of for the first time in a long time!
Today was a day when the wee lady and I seemed to meet everyone and their granny – something that usually only happens at my folks down the coast. It suddenly struck me that the Big City is my home ( well for the noo) and that I like the fact I can walk down the street and meet people. Wee lady knows all the dogs and where they like tickled!
We spent time feeding the ducks, cycling like mad women and then chatting to wee friends in the park, and sometimes I like the big city even though I am a hobbit. Of course we painted the glass on the main door….( please let that come off with water!) 
So, domestic bliss reigns. The ironing is done, the school bags are packed and all I can hear is snoring.
Despite a really busy night in the soup kitchen which inevitably renders me wide awake, I would say with a few small exceptions, everything is in its right place (ish) for a big new chapter tomorrow.


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