Jump in the line..


Ooft a smashin day if a bit manic. Went to bed early so was awake by 430am. Loo cleaned and a load of washing on by 6am. It’s not all glamour you know!
School started with a cuppa @ 715am with one of my fellow PTs and a good chat about or favourite things – weans. The logistics with OH going to uni have not really kicked in so I am still able to get a few mornings in early. I work better in the morning so I enjoy getting in, cranking up the tunes and pottering till the weans arrive at 7.45- I kid you not! It’s our own wee cafe and I love that kids feel welcome and pop by for coffee.
I have two pretty big S3 classes that are challenging in the nose that they are boy heavy, so I always feel like I need to be over prepared, so a wee bit of printing and copying before turning up walk this way by Aerosmith and dancing down the corridor with DR.
Ladies in the dept are getting back into their stride and I think the timetable has finally settled down…. We never seem to all be off at the same time so a lot of snatched conversations and blethers in corridors. A good HF class then 4 classes of S3 boys teaching about la tecnologia in Spanish. We looked at adverts for products, looked for cognates and false friends as well as looking at the slogans, all peppered with some tunes on in the back ground. There may have been some shammy shaking.
Lunch was a funny affair. A colleague from another dept came to tell me he was moving on to another school and how he had felt bad for 2 years as he had not been very welcoming to me and it had bothered him.
I thought that was really nice and there was part of me thinking about ” how others see us?” I know fine what people said about me taking over the post…..shall we all sing ” who’s sorry now?” Must be the tattoo and piercings.
I don’t have any S1 pupils this year so always like to do my nosey and of odour we did a wee dance for them, no wonder they all think I am mental, not exactly a picture of decorum when it comes to the dancing ( well except for the tango but that’s another story)
My seniors yet again were a source of joy with their dedication and excitement about all things languages and honestly, I don’t think I have ever taught a more dedicated and inspiring bunch ( apart from a certain lady on the pink bus – you know who you are Tia Clara)
Senior assembly about soup kitchen and off to a primary for a meeting.
A really good day at school despite not having a minute, and do you know what, I would not change it for the world.
It was all manageable as I had slept and had the RIGHT SHOES on as well as the flowers in the hair.
Got home to the wee lady flying about the pavement on her scooter with the hair flying and a look of joy. She is indeed a Grandad’s girl and they had been for 99 cones so she was chuffed to bits! I was a bit gutted to come in and not find my mum here- apparently taking advantage of the good weather and had a backdoor full of washing ( such a mammy thing to do)
Some serious cooking ( in a previous life I was a fat Nigella) and then the usual routine of homework, bath and stories.
Indeed, a wonderful day full of wee joys, it’s amazing what a good sleep can do. Oh aye, and a day off, and a night with Brad Pitt…….

Mammy Points 10/10 it’s all about the wee lady when I get in!
Manolo points 8/10 not heels but most def the right shoes
Methodology points 8/10 still need to work at the confidence of the seniors and sheer craziness of the 3rd years.


1 thought on “Jump in the line..

  1. My loving daughter introduced me to your blog and I’m fair enjoying it!!
    The mix of mammy, shoes and professional life is fantastic … You are a wonderful character and an inspiration xx


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