Who suggested this?



My favourite Gaelic gymnastic once sent me the most magic picture entitled sometimes people just need a high five in the face with a chair. Now I am to saying I need that but seriously, why don’t my ladies reign me in she I come up with the mad ideas?
A lovely start to the day in that I was lucky to be able to take the wee lady to school.She gets freaked out if I am wearing my “work clothes” and has said on the odd occasion I take here can I not look like the other mums?
It makes me laugh as most of the time I am doing well to get out the house with matching shoes! My trousers were acceptable today, so that was a bonus. Work was good – well it always is, who wouldn’t enjoy working with the most smashing young people and a bunch of crazy ladies.
We had set ourself a wee digital challenge and 100 retweets saw us doing the ice bucket challenge today. What a hoot, the photo is my kit for it! Yes, of course we all talked 4″ heels and flip flops to work, a shower cap, spare knickers and a pair of sunnies. Bins bags are optional.
Well no one said we couldn’t wear the shower caps!
My seniors helped to arrange it and it was amazing to see them work together and remember out mantra of #weethingsmatter
The kids who came to watch loved it and no doubt we have collapsed networks all over the place as they uploaded it on YouTube and the like.
A lot of staff don’t ever do things like that and fair play to them but I think you always have to give enough away about yourself so that they know you are human and don’t go into a box at 3pm and jump out the next day!
Quick change and it was back to teach in the afternoon.
I had a few meetings from 3-6 which were very different, productive and have given me a lot to think about. Time to get the blue sky thinking time booked in and get the glitter pens to draw. ( best things are written/doodled in glitter pen)

A wee dinner with the very lovely JW who since announcing he was taking early retirement looks like a different man. Maybe that’s what I need?
Listening to OH print off stuff for uni and the wee lady snoring…..
As the tune says, is it any wonder people round me are off their heads? ( always helps)
Mammy Points 10/10 for not embarrassing her at the gate
Manolos- 5/10 not heels but some lovely sandals
Methodology – today was all about nurture, 9/10.


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