On Verra………



So, remember to play the music as you read!
Sitting in bed with the tunes on, I could get used to a life like this. I mean if someone gave you a blank canvas and said what you would most love to do for the rest of your life would you be able to answer straight away?
I love when I say to the wee lady “what would you most like to do today?” And she can tell me straight away. I mean I’m like that with a menu, but give me a blank canvas and I would flit between being Nigella Lawson, Angelina Jolie( just for Brad) or of course Carrie Bradshaw for the shoes. ( nothing to do with BIG, no, not al all, ahem)
Today was a challenging day on lot of levels but good personally and professionally as I am currently way out of my comfort zone.

Shot off to some meetings on HQ which can be dull affairs but 2 out of the 3 were good with a very strange one in between. Talking about bypassing exams for a cohort of kids which always gets me on my high horse,( and I am not talking a Shetland pony here people, I’ll not be accused of having a sore bum from sitting on the fence I tell you!) I still like being the enfant terrible at meetings and end up saying things just to noise people up but ultimately it is important that we remember that every decision we make as teachers, leaders and most importantly as parents, have children right at the heart. That’s right CHILD AT THE CENTRE.
I came home as I had a tonne of paper to look at and desperately needed the solitude and space to do it and get my head round some stuff. I can find plenty of distractions chez moi but was very good and ignored the washing, dusting, dishes etc so started getting through it and sketching down ideas for going forward.
I was able to pick up the wee lady and the sheer look of delight and she screamed “mummy” coming out the school gate was the tonic that anyone could ever ask for.
A quick change of clothes, some shopping for birthday presents and we installed ourselves in a cafe.
We were talking about how she was getting on with her numbers and learning to take away and how she had 3 golden pennies. I was asking her how she knew she was getting on well in class
And she told me that her teacher tells her, she gets stars and wishes and she likes what she does.
She I asked her now did she know that mummy loved her? Because you tell me every day mummy and you always kiss and cuddle me. And we get cakes together.
Maybe I could get that I to a learner conversation at school?( the cakes bit)

A good end to the day with a music rehearsal and I always find playing so relaxing, although to be fair we do more of the chatting and less playing, but when we do , it sounds good. The dynamic in the musicians has changed and that’s interesting. It’s nice to play with people you click with musically. I may have mentioned that before. The noise of the two violinists tuning up always gives me the shivers…as I sit and tinkling way aspiring to be as cool as Diana Krall.

Mammy points 10/10 ( feel the need to be generous as picking her up from school was such a lovely thing!)
Manolos – well I was in converse all day, but I nearly bought bright red heels,..so that must push me up to at least a 5
Methodology 7/10 didn’t do much teaching but did a lot of bigger picture which is going to have a bit of an influence….


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