It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass……


Well, it’s been a stormy week with a bit of fog but a bit of rain has brought about some clarity indeed.
I’m still no clearer in terms of my canvas and the amount of glitter I am prepared to throw at it but the fog is most definitely lifting.
A lovely start to the day, sleeping right in until the alarm and then domestic pottering as the wee lady pottered about in her wee routine.
I love the luxury of the walk to school with her. We talked about our weekend, and what we would do during the day, she was very excited about golden time and I was pretty excited about my breakfast meeting with WT.
A bit of admin and then meeting with WT. An inspiration of a man who sent me one of only a handful of text messages I have ever saved. We caught up on office gossip, chatted about work and drew up some training plans. Cannot beat working with people who love their work as much as I do. People who think ” ya dancer” when they wake up and are as excited about what they’re doing in terms of teaching and learning.
We then had a meeting at our INTL office which is always a hoot. Looking at the calories on a biscuit while we debated international visiting delegations.( important stuff you know!)
I the was humbled to take part in a pretty high level meeting (to be honest, felt pretty out the comfort zone!) concerning asylum seekers and refugees and language provision.
Immediate action required on a local and national scale and I think that I can contribute in a small way to this but if I am honest, I did feel way out my depth. However, wee things matter and I’ll attempt to do my best!
Another meeting and then home to the little lady.
Wellies were the order of the day and wee jumped in a lot of puddles! We raised many smiles but I laughed till I was sore! We were both soaked but too busy laughing to care.
Swimming lessons, Chinese food and a big coorie in of the couch.
I went out for a late walk with my fabulous friend S and we stopped off for a wee rest ( ie refreshment) in a wee place far enough away from where we live to feel safe we would not meet parents or weans.
Just met weans I taught 8 or 9 years ago…..
She is a very talented singer ( amongst other things) and is in for a national competition soon – totally fabulous!
A taxi home at 11 with the taxi driver popping the light onto say he thought we only looked 30. Aye son, so we do.
I think few of my friends have showers going on, I suppose it’s about leaning to dance in the rain and always remembering that you need it for a rainbow.

Mammy points 10/10 champion puddle jumpers
Manolos well it will need to be full marks for the pink Wellies
Methodology 7/10 I left the meetings with a real sense of priority and what I could do, albeit a wee step!


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