A good hair day…..


A lovely start to the morning, wee trip back to hobbitsville for the 6 weekly dose of sunshine to the hair! A bit like shoes,I was late to discover the power of a hair cut!
Waist long straight hair till I was 18. I got it cut and who knew, my hair is actually curly!! The weight of it had pulled it straight, so since then I have what i can only describe as very badly behaved hair. I’m not even going to pretend i can tame it.
It’s’been a variety of colours since then, mostly auburn or dark, then one day when i had the brave pants on (or was hung over and agreed) we went for a tiny bit of blonde. Then a wee bit more, now i have holiday hair and I love going to get my wee dose of sunshine back on the top while the unruly curls below enjoy hiding in the shade.
Getting my hair done has evolved into a right girly affair. I go in at 9 (usually with the wee lady), F arrives at 930 with rolls and the tea is out and we sit about looking like extras from the film alien with the foils on. For 2 hours, girls rule, no smelly boys as the wee lady says.
The chat today was the usual mix of working mums, the referendum, and childbirth. L’is due in 4 weeks and we were selfishly worrying about how long we could last without getting our hair done before she comes back from maternity leave.
There was a girl on work experience and she laughed all morning at our chat but we did teach her the golden rule: what happens in the hairdresser, stays in the hairdresser.
A return to the city and lunch with our friends who were visiting from the states before an afternoon that may have involved buying roller skates and not just for the wee lady…..
Nae points at the weekend!
Hope you enjoy the tune for this one, that was the tune I discovered my curls to!


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