A Dr.Seuss day…….

( a brilliant rough cut version of the song that makes me laugh…..)

Well if I was going to have one if those days off where I didn’t clean the loo or iron or think about work, then today had all of the essential elements!
I remember in the summer chatting within a good pal about a Dr.Seuss day and we decided that roller skating was definitely called for. I’ve always loved roller skating and the wee lady is showing a great aptitude for it, so we both got new boots and I laughed my socks off as we left the house at 930am to get to the park to whizz around. ( reckon I could still take my pal in a race!)
It was so cute to hear her assume the role of the teacher, telling me to be confident and keep my bum in, head up, don’t get distracted, hand out for balance, don’t forget to stop and my favourite “I’m here for you mum”
Laugh? I nearly cried I was so proud but it did get me thinking once again about the way we talk to children both our own and the ones we are lucky enough to work with every day.

We spent the afternoon having lunch and running round outside ( even had to put suncream on – the joys of being fair skinned) with our good friend auntie R and her wee lady and it was great to kick back and blether about being the balance and r said the same as me, the luxury of being able to take the wee people to school or nursery is just that. Sharing parenting chat is always a hoot and we both agreed on how we just couldn’t do it all with our own mammys.

This week is shaping up to be a bit bonkers in a good way, but I think I’ll be laying more attention to the way I speak to my weans at school. Wouldn’t it be great to have the weans say, “don’t worry, I’ve got you?”


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