La, la, la, I can’t hear you……

Don’t forget to play the tune as you read….

Monday again and back into it, almost like we’d never said goodbye!
A difficult start to the day with the wee lady who went into meltdown about school. This is a new one.she got really upset about she had broken the golden rules. ( now, I have two golden rules, on a night out eating is cheating and never do anything that brings shame to your mammy’s front door) a wee bit of chatting and it turns out one of the pupil support assistants had raised her voice in the playground to her and that has been enough to instil a wee fear in her.
We had a chat about the golden rules in school and why they were important and how they were there to keep us safe but she should always tell Mummy if she’s unhappy.
She’s also adjusting to a new routine and I did catch myself uttering the line, “you can play the iPad for ten minutes when your knickers are on”
We toddled on up and she was quiet but her wee friends were too, I suspect my wee lady is just shattered as her mad mother was out roller skating with her!

Arrived at work and straight into it. One of our language assistants was with us and again, I looked at my beautiful, articulate students clam up because they didn’t have the confidence to speak to her, yet they do with me and if think that is due to the relationship they have with me. If I get one thing right this year, it will be for these students to believe in their own ability.
I went off to catch up on admin and one of my seniors sat beside me in the library, she’s getting her personal statement sorted and wants to be a languages teacher. I did a small jump and shouted ” yaaaaaaaaaas ” in my head of course.
A double period of H French was a lovely way to end the day.

A pretty intense day with lots of situations feeling ever so slightly magnified and leaving me in need of my drug of choice- green and blacks. At times I would like to stick my fingers in my ears and give it a bit of la, la, la, la I can’t hear you, have a small stamp of the feet and a proper hissy.
But we don’t do we? We just pretend it’s all fine and out more make up on. Dress up, turn up, don’t give up. I could have finished today in my Jammies. Now that would not have gone well.
I feel the need for whale music in a darkened room and a bath of gin, but it’s too early in the term for that……..

Mammy points – not bad at all today, I am sitting listening to her snore on me, so I’ll go for 8( we did roller skate you know!)
Manolos – I’m going to use my reserve points from yesterday and the roller boots – 10/10
Methodology – pretty good so events for an 8/10image


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