One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star


One of my favourite Italian tunes about a wee star without a sky.
Another bonkers day with a full teaching compliment. Did my usual transformation in the car, yes, can even out eyeliner on as the car is moving without blinding myself. A Tuesday is full on but started well with some chat from the weans and my pal over a cuppa.
Had the tunes on, a bit of U2 to get the party started indeed!
I have the two massive third year sections today which are boy heavy and most definitely keep me on my toes. It was a special moment when one of the boys shouted out” I can see a cognate” a wee moment of sparkle.
An afternoon of translation workshops and literature and a dash home to get the wee lady. Thank The Lord for Grandad.
We went roller skating and shopping before she suggested a coffee! My daughter indeed. We stopped off for a coffee and door step of Victoria sponge before dinner.
I had the joy of meeting my pal for dinner. It is always a good sign when you can’t move due to laughing and being full of Italian food! We laughed with the waitress, spoke some pigeon Italian with a charming old waiter and generally laughed our socks off about weans, school and teaching – what else?
I came into work to a lovely card from a friend and colleague who mentioned the magic dust and the sparkle……
The Nietzsche quote sums it oh beautifully.I Do indeed have my very own dancing star. I also have the dancing stars in get to work with everyday.

Mammy points 10/10
Manolo points 6/10 average show day
Methodology my double set of 3rd years? 10/10


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