Just when you’re thinking things over….



A better tune I could not have picked…..
Crazy day at work, where I could have laughed and cried at the same time. My lovely third years were at their sparkling best.laughed till I cried and at one point crying would have been an option!, a few crazes going on that they are all desperate to try and we had a job explaining that eating ghost chillis really required your hands to be scrubbed before you touched your face, skin etc. let’s not go there, I am sure you can imagine.
We had a departmental lunch and I really enjoyed the chance to sit and blether with the girls for a change. The chat was immense and sometimes a bit too funny…..
The afternoon brought a sit down with my headteacher, and I have to say I am very lucky as he is very supportive of the madness. (That’s code for I get away with murder!) I was sent a reminder from the office about budget deadlines to which I replied, well girls you know me, it will come tomorrow,to which they replied yes, we know.and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
A good friend came to visit and we mulled over curriculum changes over coffee and a bar of chocolate. The it was time to chat over some thoughts with one of my most trusted professional friends, we’ve all got them, you know the people who ask the questions you don’t want to hear but already know the answers to!
The person that throws the professional spanner in the works by saying have you thought about? Then gives you a professional kick up the backside and utters the words “you can’t have your cake and eat it” says who? Don’t you know who I am? Try telling my daughter that…….
Home to think.
I think my blank canvas is half way populated.

Wee lady is snoring………

Mammy points – not many today
Manolos points – has the heels on , most def a 9 ( so I was told!)
Methodology – hmmmmm not great after the 3rd years, bit not the worst, 7/10


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