Who left that lying there…….



So, the foot maybe cracked…….I mean doesn’t everyone have a pink trampoline in their house? For a while it lived in the living room, and now in the hall. As I stumbled about this morning I managed to catch my foot on it. There are not enough symbols for me to type all the swearies. The little lady was the nurse with the ice pack and cuddles!
Managed to get sandals on- it’s a good look….
Another busy day in the department which started off with a visit from a good friend to give advice about exams and curriculum. It’s always good to get a fresh perspective.
I hobbled about the eventually had to call it a day as the pain( in my good foot!) was getting past the stage of being sorted with Green and Blacks.
Picked up the wee lady, and we spent the afternoon reading baking cakes and dancing to Tina Turner. We had a bit of Aretha as well.
I was guesting on an educational podcast tonight and it fairly made me laugh. The chat was good if a bit controversial and I did try to behave but failed pretty miserably.
Am a wee bit tired tonight bit listening to the wee lady snore is just bliss.
Hobbling of to bed, fingers crossed it’s not ballooned by tomorrow…..


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