Have cake, will eat it…..



I’m not a fan of exercise. I don’t even run for a bus, quite a fan of the Jo brand sketch where she talked about the stretching she does ” reach for the cake, give the money”
I like to have my cake and eat it you see. Well, what’s a girl to do?
However, a few posts back I mentioned about my lovely professional friend who told me I couldn’t have my cake and eat it. Eh?
For the first time I actually considered this seriously. Of course like every other time someone says no, or maybe is not so excited about something as I am, my immediate reaction is “why not”
I think when it comes to being a teacher I want my kids to have their cake and eat it. Personally, I want my daughter to have her cake and eat it, and do you know what, I’ll settle for a bit of Victoria sponge.
I had two very significant gatherings this weekend and one thing that struck me was the fact that people were sitting together, talking, sharing and just being.
No tech, no TV – we did have the radio on and listened to Robbie Shepherd and the good old Scottish tunes last night. I could hear my mammy singing the dances that I love on my ear. We used to do that in the kitchen and I now it with the wee lady herself.
This morning saw my daughter up at 6 am with grandma and if ever there was an example of child at the centre then this was it. I had the treat of a lie in till 8 then a read of the book and by the time I had got ready and put the face on, she had
1. Made jam turnovers
2.been out playing football in the back yard
3.painted a picture
4.played ( and no doubt cheated) in several board games
5. Had cereal, toast and sneaky sweeties
She then informed me she was just too tired and went back to bed at 10am.
Not only does this wee lady make the cake……it’s her very own recipe.
Long may it continue.

Points suspended due to dodgy Sandal wearing.

Off to eat cake, it’s good for dodgy feet…..


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