I wish you enough…..

Playing catch up……


Well I had the joy of sharing my Friday night with my senior pupils.
We’ve decided to do our own take on night fever as part of their caritas awards and it was simply a joy to see these magnificent young people who inspire me every day give up their Friday night to come and spend a wee but of quiet time.
On of the things we were looking at was the notion of “enough” and I remember when I lived overseas my mum sending me the “I wish you enough email”
Every day I see both my pupils and staff fighting their own wee battles! Sometimes they win them and others a bit longer to get over.
I don’t remember being so pressured or stressed as a teenager as I see my learners now, maybe I was and didn’t recognise it.
We were not so exposed to the mass media and our idea of a big night out on a Friday was walking to your pals house with a bottle of irn-Bru ( I kid you not!) and chuckling at either a Billy Connelly video or the Mary Whitehouse experience!
Anyways, we listened to beneath your beautiful and thought about what we wished enough of for each other.
I just wish I could get these brilliant young people to believe in themselves.
There was a bit of soul-searching and I figured if I they were ready to give up their Friday night to hang out with me and some teachers then the least I could do was let them into my life a bit.
So I did. I don’t regret it, but I told them about the things that I struggled with and how I had arrived at where I was.
They were not in a rush to leave and I’ve always maintained that the ability to engage and value each and every young person is the best and most challenging thing you can do as a teacher.
It was amazing to see what the wished enough of……..

Mammy points – didn’t see the wee lady till late as was being a mammy to my big weans…
Manolos points 0/10 as I can’t get anything else on except Birkenstocks…..the swelling is going down…..
Methodology points – wasn’t the usual by the book methodology to be fair, but the I usually only play by my own rule book so 10/10


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