Coming together…..nicely. I think….


What a difference a day makes eh?
Decent enough sleep and an agenda that quite frankly was not entirely appealing to me but ended up being a productive day professionally.
I may speak some languages ( and apparently nonsense fairly fluently on a good day) but the language of legal stuff still evades me. Now I am sure I could understand if I actually sat down and read the small print, but like a man with a set of instructions for anything, I usually just ignore it and batter on.
I have realised a few things today:
1. Lawyers can be nice ( no offence OH)
2. Then nice lawyer who helped me wade through a contract for some work stuff we are doing has more patience than my mammy ( with a daughter like me , that’s a lot)
3. I ask questions like a 3-year-old ” why is that?, really! can we not just…….”
4. Like many of my fabulous friends, a PA would make my life a lot easier.
5. I need my brave pants on to make the right decisions.
6. Losing something gives you the clarity to get the carpe diem element back in your life and if it’s lost, it’s not always a bad thing.
7. My Green & Blacks drug dealer deserves to be sainted

So enough of the knickers. Another meeting with a colleague from Higher Education who has a wicked sense of humour and a wit sharper that would have given Joan Rivers a shock. Someone that in the middle of the big city gives you two kisses and you feel all continental and then you talk national policy and how at home if it is not written on the sacred family calendar it’s not happening. I’m not kidding if you are not fast you are last.

Then it was a wee journey on the train to the capital to talk national policy again. I enjoyed the train journey and did NO work. Yes I repeat, NO work. I read my book and arrived at my meeting feeling fairly relaxed and ready to get stuck in. A productive meeting and I do forget to breathe sometimes when I am on and wee roll about the things I love.
Then it was time to sit back and take in the concerns , worries and challenges. Most of these are sorted with a bit of virtual hand holding and a cuppa to be honest. Everything is better with tea. And chocolate.

Had to giggle today, my out of office was on and one of friends actually got in touch to ask if I was having a wee day off………..aye, chance would be a fine thing….. Oh aye and the man who said to me “hen, tights or tattoos?” Wasn’t sure of it was an offer or he was referring to my artwork…..

I’m en route home and the sun is shining and the tune you are hopefully listening to is the one I have on as I write….but you can’t see the wee sheep in the fields.

Points suspended until tomorrow…..I only just got a shoe on today but I did take the wee lady to school and spoke about methodology all day.
Painkillers the order of the day, gammy feet and a trapped nerve…..seriously, someone is having a laugh……


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