A wee boy, a wee girl and spoonerisms galore…..


I’m still laughing about today.
Well, as you know, Tuesday is my mental day. On the feet the whole time, now before you get the tiny violins out, I’m not complaining! Those third year boys fairly keep me on my toes and really make me look at my practice otherwise I would be doing the first westlife(flying without wings)
They can cope with really demanding work but the attention span is very short so you’ve got to keep in moving, all the time, which with a gammy foot is not the easiest I tell you!
We had our lovely Spanish assistant in and he was an absolute hoot. Enjoyed chattering away with him in Spanish as well as having our French assistant in too.
Had a good discussion on the translation of “papa Poule” in French and rolled about as one of my favourite deputes pipes up I’m a rooster. Stick to the day job son.
Finished off the day reading Simone de Beauvoir with the seniors, pure bliss!!
Then started my training for primary teachers for Spanish, the first session is always a tough one as you don’t know what people are like and quite frankly after a Tuesday like mine, you’d happily sell your granny to get out the building, I don’t have a granny so please stand down the social services.

They were a lovely bunch and seemed to engage with what I was doing. As per usual, I was off at a tangent with a wee story, but what can you do?

Daddy picked me up and informed me that the wee lady had taken herself to bed( just too tired) she was jumping about by the time I got in and we sat down to catch up. Daddy pipes up about the wee Chinese boy in her class, to which she screws up her face and says who? And my dad repeats it a bit louder , to which I remind him that it’s just another wee boy. Little lady knew fine well who my dad was talking about. Then mum asks her about a wee girl,she pretends she doesn’t know so mum says you know, the wee ethnic girl?( I kid you not people, remember we are originally from the sticks) to which my wee lady says, oh do you mean so and so with the really curly hair? Aye, she’s no daft by the way. Just saying…….

Homework, dinner, bath and bed. Settling her in she asks me what is the sh”£e lining on me – yes what is the light shining on me……..
Couldn’t look at her for laughing……

So points still suspended due to dodgy shoes. And gammy feet. A pretty good day. Pass the gin.


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