Hump day……


I mentioned to two male colleagues as I was leaving that I was off home for pizza as it was hump day. You’ve never seen two redder faces, bit like a bad Kenneth Williams moment and I half expected an “ooooh matron” So I reminded them it was midweek and that’s why it was called hump day. No camels or anything else…..boys will be boys.

I had to outsides on last night.thats a big thing for me, personally I think socks are the work of the devil. I have arthritis so in pain most days anyway but I think the change in temperature had got to me yesterday and I felt rotten. The wee lady took an age to settle on account of her sneaky sleep after school so I was chasing my tail a bit and woke up feeling exhausted. However , it was a beautiful clear morning and I arrived at work feeling ready for the madness. A wee cuppa with our A in the dept and it was all go. What an inspiring young woman she is. She came to us as a student with a wee tiny at the time. How she juggled all the commitments with her teacher training, being a mammy, wife and being fabulous I don’t know. You can’t image how chuffed we are to have her back in our department.
Various admin issues were attempted but I had the moment of sheer joy when I discovered a box of marking I thought I had lost. I was reminded by a friend about getting things back on time….aye ok. It’s hard work you know….
We were joined today by a young man who is looking to go into teacher training and he wanted to come and observe where the magic happens. I think he most certainly got his eyes opened and seemed to enjoy it. The most lovely thing he said though was that if felt like a big family on our floor. Long may it continue.
Got home to find the wee lady was out roller skating with grandma and eating ice cream. Can’t get angry at ice cream before dinner as I would do exactly the same thing. I also know that super nanny would have a total field day with me. Can I be honest, I don’t actually care that the wee lady still comes into bed with me at night! She goes to sleep fine in her own wee bed, but inevitably anytime between 12-3 in the morning. Quite frankly when you are shattered and getting up in a few hours, it is much easier just to snuggle in and enjoy the heat!!

Points are still suspended due to dodgy but I am wearing fetching fleecy socks. So for the fleece factor, I’ll go for 10/10.


1 thought on “Hump day……

  1. Love hump day! Learned this new terminology on my year working in Australia many moons ago! I too had a red face when I heard it! I love explaining it to people who are ‘hump less’ ! And my wee one still comes in to my bed every nite too! He goes to sleep fine in his big boys cabin bed, but during the nite needs a wee snuggle with mummy. And you know what it’s fine coz there will be a day when I’ll be lucky to get a hello, it will be a grunt!


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