With a wee bit of help from ma pals…..



Finally sitting down, jammies on and listening to the wee lady snoring. Came in later and missed her stories and falling to sleep.

A bonkers day with lots of wee joys. I may have extolled my love for my department, but today, I was never without a tea and I am also in debt for a pair of nude tights.(don’t ask – big ladder by 11 am!)all this from my ladies. Bit of teaching, but of sitting down with the head teacher and actually talking about teaching and learning. I even found myself talking about building learning on from blooms based learning conversations.,,,eh? Whit?.
Spent the afternoon in the company of some of the most talented teachers in the land finding out about the new qualifications.a really good atmosphere and great session delivered by a practionner who peppered her presentation with lots of lovely wee stories about her son and home life and she gave just enough away about herself so that we were really able to connect with her.
More training,chat, hugs and generally smashingness. Then a wee bite to eat and a meeting in another school for my young people who are going to the European Parliament. They are so so excited, the way it should be.
Had the heels on but there was nothing so comfortable as popping on your slippers at the end of the day and walking normally……
I was told I deserved 10/10 for the manolos…..he he, I only had them on for a few hours!!


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