No mistakes in the tango…..

Ah, Friday. The end.


Most definitely a good day to be Friday. In work early and the kettle was on, have switched to tea in the morning as I was getting the shakes come 11 with the amount of coffee I was drinking…..maybe it was just the strength of it. Ahem. Currently looking st the role of women with the advanced higher class and it’s so interesting to hear the views of our young people. Really enjoyed chatting about the stereotypes and the discrimination that women in the work place have. We spoke about working mums and again the working mother guilt came up to bite me square on the bum. It doesn’t take much, a wee comment, a passing thought or a wee heartbeat is enough to make me wish I was at home with the wee lady. Then I remember that she is in great hands and that for some of my students, myself and the girls are the next best thing they have to a mammy.
Difficult balance this week but I am sitting once again listening to her snore, having enjoyed a wee lie down with her earlier.
Anyhoos, had the boys today and we also had a visitor in the department who had come to observe teaching and learning. We have a wee technique with the boys she. WE give them whiteboards. Give them 5 minutes to draw and write on it and then they work a treat. Our visitor was rolling about laughing at the banter. We looked at a wee clip in Spanish about different technologies then we had to decide whether it was something we used now, or something we used in the past. The level of chat, reason and challenge to each other was something. In chatting with the visitor to my class, he said he hadn’t realised just how much the learners were engaging in their work and how it’s very important to realise that a languages classroom needs to have noise. The impact on literacy had to be highlighted as well.
I then had a lovely 4th year class and we worked in pronunciation. We talked about the different languages in our school and how it added to the character of our school community.
This afternoon was spent with one of my most treasured colleagues and pals with some of the educational graphic designers at the BBC. The chat was great and I forget sometimes that not everyone gets as excited about language learning as I do…however, they were gracious and laughed at my terrible sense of humour. Must have been on as they did ask me to consult again……I’ll be taking the bold W again! It was brilliant to feel the buzz in the building about the referendum coming up…….
Got home to OH flying out the door so the wee lady and I had a chance for some serious girly time. Roller skating and swimming. Friday nights are great fun as we love to chill out and eat all the things we shouldn’t. We’ve been blethering about tomorrow.

I have a teachmeet in then morning , not prepared the slides yet, but that won’t take too long. I’m presenting with some of the most talented people and it will be a hoot ( they are as mad as a box of frogs) then a very special afternoon.

My most darling friend N lost her baby boy at 38 weeks. N is one of these people who when you leave her, you are smiling and still laughing. I met N at a garden party and we bonded over a shared love of a certain white spirit you can set fire to with coffee beans. She is one of my most treasured and beautiful friends and we decided we wanted to do something for her to remember her baby boy. So the wee lady and I and some friends are doing a 5k toddle along the beach. We were aiming for £300, we are sitting at just shy of £2k. We are will be crying, laughing ( and no doubt paddling) and showing this beautiful family just how much they mean to us.
Cup cakes and fizz will be waiting for us at the end and we’ll raise a wee glass to a certain wee boy.

Why the tango? Well, I’ve always loved it and I was doing the ironing the other night listening to the gotan project and having a wee practice, it’s been a wee while……I love the challenge of it, the passion and the fact it consists of lots of different styles.

Mammy points – back up the scale, 9/10
Methodology – magic day in class so def 9/10
Manolos – still not quite at shoes yet ( well without a lot of drugs) ……….


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