One for each hand and a cup cake. I thank you.


What a wonderful

A lovely way to wake up – the wee lady was desperate to get into the day. I would have been the same if it hadn’t been for the fact I didn’t go to bed till after 2 as I had a wee creative burst for planning at midnight. Not good as my already crazy sleeping pattern is all over the place. Anyhoos, off I went to the teach meet we had planned and it was lovely!
I was listening to my colleagues and friends and despite the fact we have presented together many times, I always feel inspired by them and learn something new. I decided I was going naked…,not literally. No PowerPoint, took a wee drawing I had made instead. A meeting for our national conference where we did the mundane stuff and also got a bit creative.

Then it was the start of a truly beautiful afternoon.
I mentioned yesterday about my darling friend N who lost her precious baby boy at 38 today was the toddle. We set out to try to raise £300 and last check we were sitting at over £2k.
Daddy shuttled the wee lady and I down the coast and we pulled on the Wellies. N had made us fabulous t- shirts with a photo of her precious son and a wee bluebird. We donned the glitter and set off. It was emotional, beautiful and an absolute privilege to walk with my friend. How can you even relate to the heartache she and her family are going through? I felt I had to do something, so the toddle was it. I was with two of my best girls f and p as well as our wee people. Now us shire girls came prepared with the Wellies on. Rocked the Wellies actually. Those city girls in their sandals and trainers didn’t stand a chance in the water! I mean the shells on the shire beaches are feral.I know this for a fact…..
We walked, talked, collected sea shells and the wee lady brought me lots of sea weed that we could use in dinner. Only seaweed I’ll be eating is deep-fried and comes in a box from the Chinese.
I loved watching the wee people in the water and there were quite a few layers being shed!
It was really nice getting the chance to blether and chat and enjoy just being together. Lots of people on the beach and I loved when we saw a Dalmatian the wee lady shouts out” mum, it’s bottomley Potts” we spotted so the other characters from Hairy Maclary too. Then if felt like an advert for the tourist board, 4 girls on big Clyde horses came past us.
We arrived at the end of our 5k to my mum mind dad waiting with the fizz. Everyone charged their glasses and we raised a toast to our precious boy and our precious friends. We set off balloons, each secretly hoping we could take the tiniest bit of heartache from N.
I’m not great in these situations and do find myself reverting to type and cracking jokes and trying to make people laugh. Whilst trying to top people up I commented that I knew I was home as I had a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other!
Take the girl oot the shire…..
We had cakes left over and they were given to me to go the soup kitchen. N’s mum was asking if I still did it as N did it with me too and my answer was that I had CLEARLY enjoyed myself in a past life. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy being up a dark lane with 60 men you don’t know?
We had Irish handcuffs on ( aye, one for each hand. So in my case, a bottle of Buck’s Fizz in one and a plastic cup in the other) and it was indeed one for each hand and a cup cake.
Today gave us a chance to show our friend that we loved her, remembered her precious boy – our nephew and to assure her that we will always be there for her and her family. WEE THINGS MATTER, and the most important wee thing is time.
I remember trying to get a translation that would best convey the beautiful meaning of this quote for my friend N. It’s the thought for today:
“Es casi ley, los amores eternos, son lo más breves.”

― Mario Benedetti


1 thought on “One for each hand and a cup cake. I thank you.

  1. To my precious friend gill – thank u! What a beautiful blog, my precious boy Lewis would be very proud of us all! I know he is watching over us. Love always x

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