What a wonderful world…….sometimes.



So you know fine well I’ll be on le high horse about something as it is Sunday night…..
A lovely wee sunday indeed, well until 9pm but we’ll get to that. The wee lady had a party ( a better social life that her mammy) so we headed off early and found ourselves in the west end about 10am having a wander and kicking leaves! The party was in the cinema. I wondered how she would go as she usually sits on my knee in the cinema. Off she went, I got installed on a big couch with a coffee, and then she came back out. We had a lovely wee snuggle as we chatted to the other mums and dads and she just happily sat cuddling and pinching the froth from my cappuccino. There were only 2 girls and 10 boys and I think she was feeling it a wee bit. They then all went to a party room for more e-numbers and pizza! I loved the chance to be able to catch up with the mums and dads as you then realise that most of them are working and getting to drop their wee ones off and pick them up is a big treat to them too. The wee lady and I wandered along the west end soaking it up and the lovely thing about living in a city like ours is that there is always a soundtrack. So many musicians, so many different styles and I love the fact that the wee lady will dance! We walked along in a ” hug walk” as she calls it – and laughed as we tried to pronounce the Gaelic names of the shops. We did the tango as we walked and laughed till I thought I might to find a loo! She is outrageous.
We were waiting for the bus and got chatting to another passenger about the forthcoming referendum. Whether you are a mibbes aye or a mibbes naw, there is no denying it has galvanised the nation into talking about the future and that can never be a bad thing.

The evening was spent on the soup kitchen and it was the suitable kick up the jacksy I needed to stop me getting complacent and to spur me back into action. One of my service users is very susceptible to depression and tonight I could see before he even uttered a word that he was in by bad way, there was talk of “doing away with himself” and that’s when you have to be up front and actually say ” are you thinking about committing suicide?” It happens every so often and it’s heartbreaking, frustrating and just outrageous that in this day and age that poverty and FOOD poverty are now such an accepted part of society. Worrying so much about where the next meal is coming from not for yourself but for your children is certainly not what you think of happening in a first world country. I get annoyed and upset as I can’t save them all and that magic wand I can usually wave at work doesn’t work on the soup kitchen. No amount of next steps, scaffolded learning or golden time is going to get dinner on the table or help this person believe in themselves.
It is a wonderful world, not for everyone , not all of the time.
Wee things matter.


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