May you build a ladder to the stars….


Monday. The end.

Today started off with the joy of taking the wee lady to breakfast club! Aws. She loves it and was full of the chatter of who would be there and the toast! It still fills me with joy to see her so happy going to school – although she was asking why she had to do work! So I told her what I tell the big boys and girls – that homework looks make you beautiful look how much homework mum must have done! She did it with no problems and insisted on reading in a cockney accent. She is going to be trouble with a capital T.
We assembled the great and good of the subject together for a meeting and it was challenging, exciting, frustrating and at times downright annoying. I am in a brilliant position as I am sitting with some of the big influences in my career and who shaped my practice. Ok, so if I am honest, I was frightened of a lot of these wonderful ladies because of their wonderfulness! We had a good frank discussion about our subject not being based on social class, the need for high expectations and how we need to constantly contextualize our subject and challenge ourselves. shattered.
Had the chance to walk into town with a very special lady who is a total inspiration who again, is another of these characters I have always looked up to. We talked over the day-to-day getting through your day, dealing with people who are miserable both in profession and in spirit. As a leader, it can be difficult to constantly be the Duracell bunny,

I was really worried about one of the service users from soup kitchen and phoned him a few times, nae answer. So drafted in a bouncer and off we went to visit. He was ok but hellish history and puts a lot of things in context.
It was time to listen, and be there.
Wee things matter.

Full points system returns tomorrow.


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