Fire and rain…


Well I survived another mad Tuesday. In fact I think it should be law, Tuesdays will now be called mad Tuesdays.
Left the wee lady and OH on the couch as I skipped off to work. Having been very disciplined and not having checked my email since Friday lunchtime, I was a bit worried about the inbox. It duly exploded and I did my best to beat it back into the corner. My Tuesday always starts beautifully with Senior classes and ends beautifully with senior classes. The in between classes are a blur. One of the boys today was a significant challenge and got himself really worked up and escalated a situation off the scale and there was no reasoning with him. He got to the point where he was in tears and had no idea how to bring himself back from his situation. We resolved it but it played on my mind over the day. Turns out he had been like this all over the school all day. Still left me feeling like an eejit.
Adult training tonight was great. Even after the mad Tuesday, I look forward to working with my primary teachers. They seem to be enjoying the classes and lots of giggling as we worked with pronunciation. Trying to convey the importance of inter cultural understanding as well as linguistic methodology while keeping the pace going at 530pm after being in work since 715 is a bit bonkers.
Daddy picked me up and said he thinks it is time I took driving lessons. He was gently reminded that was his job…..
Little lady was in a bit of a state – just a general tired meltdown and only mama would do. Got her settled, dinner, work and now a tiny bit of TV.
I’ve thought a lot about my service user from soup kitchen and the wee boy from school. Sometimes I think people just need a wee hug.

Mammy points – Tuesdays are rubbish as I am I later but a lot of snuggling and chatting. 8/10
Manolos – actually wearing shoe so def an 8
Methodology – good with the seniors, good attempt with the boys, but still not entirely happy with it 7/10


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