The boys are back in town…..


Oh my. Thursday. Probably one of the most important days in Scottish History and a real sense of expectation and excitement about what tomorrow could bring for a wee nation.

A busy day in school for INSET – meetings all morning, sorting out wee things and some bigger things. There was lots of chat about the referendum and it was really interesting to hear the people who had changed their vote last minute.  we had some time to get together as a school community and switch off the phones and the tech. Well some of us did…..

Came home and went out with OH to vote by proxy for a friend and caught up for dinner with some of my friends and all we could talk about was the referendum and how excited we were.


I did a wee stint on an educational pod cast that I have been doing since December and I have to say it has really changed my opinion of CPD. I am lucky that the two chaps I do it with are a pair of smashers and i find myself frequently challenged by their chat, ideas and thoughts. It’s not always a comfortable experience as  I find myself out my comfort zone frequently. Not always a bad thing. A Thursday night spent on skype with the boys. What more could a girl ask for?

Points system cancelled due to referendum excitement.


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