Yesterday was a tough day. I got up early to watch the referendum results coming in and my heart sank as no after no came in. It actually felt like a death in the family. Work was very flat so we sat chatting and eating malteasers. A power cut and phone lines down ensued we had to sit down and ‘it was lovely to discuss our hopes and dreams for Scotland and more importantly our daughters. Our own daughters and the daughters we work with every day.

The wee lady had been with my folks for a few days and was full of the joys of being spoiled ( in the best possible way) and lots of chat. We had a good chat about the vote and how it was important to do it. she may only be 5 but having been involved in various things from anti- trident marches, helping prepare things for soup kitchen, fundraising…..this wee lady has a tremendous sense of social justice already and I am not planning on letting down her or any of the other daughters ( and sons) I work with.

I am one of the 45% who voted yes because I want to see a positive change for her. A lot of my friends are hurt and sore that we missed the biggest opportunity to bring about social change. However, it has galvanised me into really getting something done for my daughter. For her future. Scenes in Glasgow last night were shameful, they are a minority, but a loud, ugly and violent minority. A change needs to happen.

Mammy points – 10 ( selfishly)
Manolos – pretty high, pink converse usually score well 8
Methodology – 8


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