Hobbit in the city…….



I may live in the big city but I am indeed a hobbit at heart. My dad has always said I am a city girl but eh, no. Raised in burns country and the tune for this post is a beautiful version of one if his tunes. I discovered Rachel Sermani at Celtic Connections this year and what a voice.

We live far enough away from the city centre that it feels like a wee village but close enough that I can pop on the heels and have a city night oot!
However, being brought up between the beach and the countryside doesn’t really leave you and I often crave that slower pace of life.
Today was a shire day in the city and it was indeed braw. We wandered out to meet one of my “daughters” a most wonderful young lady whom I had the joy to teach many years ago. She was part of that first group of students that I remember thinking this is what teaching is all about. She is now a modern languages teacher and just a joy to spend time with. Never enough time tho!
The wee lady was in the roller skates and she is getting a bit braver and pulling a few turns etc.
We got back in and decided to reprint the glass door then we decided a mural was in order. We sketched out flowers, toadstools and butterflies. We had a brilliant afternoon of painting and listening to tunes. We then headed to the garden in our Wellies to trim flowers, sweep leaves and shout hurray at Compo. Yes, I am that sad person who composts and we’ve been letting it dry out for a bit. Wee lady loves to get her hands dirty so we shovelled and tidied and the flowers look a bit more tidy.
After dinner we watched ghostbusters and I had genuinely forgotten just how fab the film is. I never tire of Bill Murray and his comedy timing. The music is so gloriously 80s I can even remember it. Forwarded a few sections but suffice to say the wee lady loved it.
Now sitting listening to her snore. A lovely shire day. In the city. All you need is the right Wellies.

Mammy points 9/10
Methodology 8/10 based on the fact I may have got something right about 13 years ago (Merci C)
Manolos well 10/10. Wellies, but they were PINK. Full marks everytime!


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