Look it’s yer maw!


Well it was not my maw.image
But it did make me laugh. After what I can only describe and a truly wonderful day with the weans, I was sitting trying desperately to beat up the emails with a big stick. There were classes on but I may have had the tunes on slightly loud. Anyhoos, a bit of the foo fighters ( tune for this post) and some seniors walk past and shout out to one of my superstars ” look E, it’ s yer maw” to which I laughed and shouted ” I heard that” and started laughing. I sounded like my own wee mammy but part of me was secretly chuffed. Yes, they probably think I am overbearing and I nag them but the same as mothers everywhere, I just want the best for them.
Day started off by making sure the wee lady’s hair was done. Let her playing in her Jammies with a lovely big ponytail. Today was the launch of our European language celebrations and it was an absolute hoot. DR and I were giving it ciao Bella come va all day while we did a roadshow of activities. We have it some Italian welly and the weans loved it. Had some dodgy tunes playing,the school Chaplain came in and took some classes and the kids had a ball. Lots of short snappy activities that really had them looking at different aspects of Intercultural understanding as well as language, art and food.
We managed a bit of down time during the Italian film showing at lunch and on our way back some of the weans pipe up ” nae procession then miss” not today son, but watch this space.any excuse for a bit of shammy shaking.
Got home to a happy wee lady who had been at one of her wee friends after school. My folks are away for the week and despite it only being 3 days I am lost already. I keep going to call them to tell them some daft news but don’t want to bother them as they live it up on the canary islands. Makes me realise just how much I miss hearing them as well as seeing them. At my age as well…..
Little lady on fabulous form but shattered. So storied and big cuddles. We talked about what a lovely day she had,but she told me she didn’t want the little princess ok called I want my mum. It reminds her of when I am not with her at school says she…..
Remember when you working mums went back to work and you felt guilty. The. You wouldn’t think about your wee ones for a minute and feel guilty you hadn’t thought about them?
Never really leaves you.
German day tomorrow. Off to do paperwork and practice my best hallo.

Mammy points 9/10 not so proud of the early morning starts
Manolos – nearly back in proper shoes, click three times shoes today so 8/10
Methodology a truly wonderful day and despite being shattered, it was just what I needed, 10/10


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