Keep calm and carry on….


Oh the best laid plans. Every time I beat up the email pile it gets bigger.
Another immense day on every count but I am flagging. Today was German day and the team were on top form. The kids are loving the activities and we are really hammering the Intercultural understanding. German techno went down well. We were 2 staff down today and it was seamless. I am lucky that they all pull together and go above and beyond. We have been showing films at lunch and it’s been really nice to see the amount of young learners coming on- but then you realise that some of them need to get out of the way of the traffic. Lovely young kids who are still that wee bit lost at high school and watching some films provided a nice wee escape at lunch. And a very welcome breather for me.
Mad Tuesday was indeed mad….the boys were on good form but demanding!
I struggled to get the energy to deliver primary training, then it all just came together. They really are a smashing bunch of teachers and it makes it easy to enjoy the training as they get stuck right in.
Came home and on sitting down realised that everything hurt and I was shattered.
However, a few hours work and a bit of laminating and I am ready for tomorrow.
It’s one of my favourite days- Spanish day! The frock is looked out, the bangles and the flowers. Yes, going for the cultural stereo types the lot! It will be fiesta tastic tomorrow….. There is a secret Hispanic chica that escapes out every so often and she’s simmering the noo…..
Little lady on the finest of form. She’s been going to a friends after school and has a new friend – her 10 year old daughter, the highlight of of the visit being allowed in e’s room on her swingy chair.
Cannot wait for the long weekend. (Did I just say that?)

Mammy points 8/10 too long a day, 12 hour shift
Manolo points 7/10 had the shoes off for a bit
Methodology 9/10 a sparkling day.


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