Shammies will be shaken!


Day 3 of the European language extravaganza and it’s our favourite day, Spanish day.
It was a late one last night as I sat up and laminated signs and generally pushed paper into piles. Always good to know that some very good friends keep the same hours as I do and they are there with the chat and virtual hugs. I’m noticing the change in temperature which brings on the auld lady noises and sore bones. ( yes, get your tiny violin oot!)
The wee lady has taken to getting up at 6am with me and comes and sits in the bathroom and wants to know everything I’m doing that day and what language I’ll be teaching…..cracks me up.
Stepped out the house in full flamenco gear at 7am and missed most of the neighbours which was good. We had a staff breakfast and again, I was overwhelmed by the fact that most of my team were in for 730 am!
Breakfast for the staff and all the profits going to soup kitchen. It was accompanied by some Spanish chatter and a lot of laugher.
The classes were great and I ha d a chance to teach some of the tinnies!
What a hoot.
Lunchtime was our highlight. We did a big parade with the school samba band and had a wee shake of the maracas! Weans were falling about laughing and it fair made everyone laugh. Can’t beat 4 grown women cutting about the lunch hall with the head of music and dozen weans giving it laldy.
Then back to business and two meetings at the end of the day. Got dropped off about 10 mins from the house and clearly raised a few eyebrows. The frock is a sight to behold.
The wee lady was waiting for me and she ran down the road to meet me coming up. Nothing to beat that feeling as your wee one gallops towards you full of excitement.
A lovely wee evening of stories, homework, music and her running about before bath time.
Today was indeed a good day.

Mammy points – wine not opened yet so I would say an 8 ( could do better)
Manolos – still in flats due to the dodgy toe but there was a hilarious moment when 3 of us had lifted up the skirts to compare veins and shoes. A sight to behold
Methodology – if it was strictly you would here ” from Len the ten” but that would be partners in crime today too! You know who you are DR/NS/AE and not a sign of a native red Indian,


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