Badly behaved

apologies for the lack of posts for 2 days.
Thursday was French day and it was again, another brilliant day of nonsense with the weans. On hearing the bell at 3pm I did have a small collapse to myself. A shift with the paperwork then on to get the wee lady from a birthday tea. Pizza, humus and carrot sticks. Not an e- number or fizzy drink in sight. Was discussing baby food today with my good pals l( hola doll!) and G and just how bland they were. What did our parents do? Stick a bit of salt in it!!
Anyhoos, Thursday was a wee get together with one of my very bestest girls for her birthday over a bowl of pasta and perhaps some grape juice. We had a hoot speaking Spanish to old Giuseppe the Italian waiter and did some eye lash batting and explained it was her birthday , so a nice wee chorus of happy birthday in Italian. As per usual we talked mostly about weans at work and people we work with – all in the professional sense ( and maybe some inappropriate chat too!) I’m not sure I can mark that up as CPD but it’s a pity we don’t do enough of the chatting about work. My friend G today commented on the fact they many practionners feel they can’t just try something now with a class as they don’t have time. I frequently have heated discussions about what is core curriculum or not. The amount of people who say what do I need to take out my planned learning to deliver x, y, and z. When actually x, y, and z is your curriculum.
I may have had a visit from a badger on Friday morning but the rumours of this are greatly over exaggerated.
Friday was a mammy behaving badly.
No.i wasn’t in jail.
Off for a spot of brunch and the. The wee lady and I hit the city centre for a tiny spot of shopping. She is an unconscious comic but I think that’s the childhood innocence. “mummy why does that lady have crazy hair? Why is he wearing trousers that are too small? Mummy, that man can’t sing” we did our usual run round her favourite places then a visit for more perfume and she is happily scooting testers and herself. She is also very good at batting the eye lashes and we ended up with all sorts of free stuff. Yaaas.
Bad mammy alerts. We went to McDondalds.
Moving on.
Friday night was some top CPD. Caught up with two of the chaps I used to work with and again, for about 4 hours all we talked about??? Weans and work. Both have very different takes on their roles as senior managers but I laughed,possibly sang a hymn and spoke French.
Saturday morning was a nice catch up with my favourite Gaelic gymnast before heading to the city centre with a bag of food for the food bank.
The chap who was speaking at it was excellent and he said something that rang true – “it’s not charity, it’s humanity”
The wee lady was quite taken with the buzz and was asking all about why some people don’t have enough to eat.
She’s not daft.
Saturday night are girly nights and it was a box of malteasers and strictly come dancing.
Oh aye, we also got new sparkly coca cola today.

Mammy points 10.
Manolo points 10 ( the wee lady deserves them)
Methodology points none due to the holiday


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