Starfish & coffee….


Today started with a walk across the park with the wee lady. She loves going with mammy for a coffee so a takeaway hot chocolate and a coffee for me and off we went. Squirrel spotting and talking to all the dogs means I always need to build in an extra 20 mins to the journey. What a hoot. Her daily observations on life and people crack me up. I am convinced she has indeed been here before.
A wee hour of piano playing was a hoot this morning. That dreaded moment when you take your eyes off the music…..but all fine and laughed my way through it.
Wee lady had a birthday party in the biggest soft play I have ever seen. It was the most bizarre experience as every time I heard a wee one cry I thought it was her. She is one of only 2 or 3 girls in a group of boys and can hold her on but she shys away from the rough and tumble and quickly comes back looking for mum ( bless her!) it’s always nice to get a chance for a wee blether with the parents too.
Tonight on the soup kitchen was a strange and challenging night.
We were busy with regulars as well as lot of new comers. I was pottering about when I was literally accosted and told that I was making poverty worse by encouraging soup kitchens.
Eh? Come again?
So once we had established that he was a “service user” we then entered into a fairly heated discussion. A bit like peeing in the wind I know.
We talked of how for some it was a social thing too as loneliness is a major contributing factor to mental health problems and this can spiral. ( seen it all too often) I also spoke of how it’s not my place to judge who is more deserving.
He was pretty fired up about how we don’t need soup kitchens in this day and age. If only that was true.
We spoke about things that prevented people from moving up a “rung of poverty” – self-confidence, literacy, numeracy and at the heart of it, someone who cared and was looking out for them.

Might I be describing some of the very weans I work with everyday????

Like the story about the starfish on the beach, even when you only throw one back in, it matters to them. If I can save one of my service users, and one of my weans….well it will matter to them.
Getting aff one’s high horse the noo.


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