Where the Wellies will take us……


A braw day. The last day of the long weekend and it was a smasher. Spent with the wee lady then an evening of work.
Bit of quality roller skating this morning and domestic goddess duties.
We headed out to the park with the Wellies on and it was magic. I have great memories of kicking through leaves as a wee girl and it’s a joy to see the wee lady doing the same. Literally gay abandon. It’s such a pity that we don’t stop to enjoy the wee things like that. (Like smelling the flowers I know!)
She rolled about and attempted to bury me in the leaves! Certainly beats teaching my 3rd years!
After a wander round the glass house to see all the beasties we wandered off the track a bit in the park and found blackberries. So we happily picked them to take home to make a crumble. She kept saying how it was “awesome” and her favourite day in the park ever. ( That’s saying something as we are in the park A LOT) clearly her half hobbit in the city side coming through. It reminded me of the time I took a group of city kids on an outward bound trip and we were canoeing and passed some fields ” Miss, is that a real coo?” Nearly fell out my boat laughing.
However, we made blackberry and raspberry crumble and it was lovely.yes, it was indeed “awesome”

Normal service resumes tomorrow for mad Tuesday!


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