Is this your “going out jumper?”


Mad Tuesday. The End.
This time last year I lost a member of my department. He was the loveliest parcel of quirk/humour/intelligence and perhaps intrigue. He had been with us for a while but didn’t turn up for work for a few days. We tried to contact him and eventually after 3 days we went to his house. The light was on but no answer. We took the decision to report him missing and I took a call that night to say the door had been out in and he was found.
Trying to support the girls through that when all we wanted to do was eat cake and talk was hard as we still had to be ready to face the weans with the smile and give it a bit of the taaa daaaa.
We chatted about a lovely night out we had in the summer and how our S had worn his “going out jumper” and joined in kith the nonsense.
He never let the kids down that he worked with and as we found out more about his life ( he was very private) we discovered that he didn’t let ANYONE down.

In using restorative practice I find myself saying to the weans ” now don’t let me down” and 9/10 out of time they won’t. I also find myself saying to people have I ever let you down yet? Usually because I am certain I can deliver on 99% of the things I promise.

Sometimes I can’t deliver and I beat myself up twice as hard.

However. Today was bonkers, I mean bonkers but we had some quiet time to remember Stan. Sometimes it’s nice just to take a wee moment and remember the tiny wee joys that people bring you.

Points suspended ce soir on account of not wearing shoes.


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